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Acabamento da extremidade do tubo


Finish of pipe ends
* Pipe ends shall be free from burrs.
* The out-of-squareness, measured as shown in Figure 3, shall be u 1,6 mm (0.063 in).


Extremidades rosqueadas 
* Threaded ends shall conform to the threading, thread inspection and gauging  requirements of API Spec 5B.
* One end of each length of threaded pipe shall be provided with a acoplamento conforming to the requirements of Annex F and the other end shall be provided with thread protection conforming to the requirements of 12.2.
* Couplings shall be screwed onto the pipe handling-tight or, if agreed, power-tight.
NOTE    Handling-tight means sufficiently tight that the coupling cannot be removed without using a wrench. The    purpose of making up couplings handling-tight is to facilitate removal of the couplings for cleaning and inspecting threads and applying fresh thread compound before laying the pipe. This procedure has been found necessary to prevent thread leakage, especially in gas pipelines, because manufacturer-applied couplings made up power-tight, although leak proof at the time of make-up, might not always remain so after transportation, handling and laying.
* Before making up the joint, a thread  compound  that  meets  the  performance  objectives  in  ISO 13678 or API RP 5A3 shall be applied to cover the full surface of either the coupling or the pipe engaged threads. All exposed threads shall be coated with this thread compound or a storage compound of distinct colour. Unless otherwise agreed, the choice of thread compound is at the option of the manufacturer. Whichever compound is used, it shall be applied to a surface that is clean and reasonably free of moisture and cutting fluids.
Beveled ends 
*  Beveled ends  pipe shall be furnished with one end belled in accordance with the configuration and dimensions specified in the purchase order.
* Belled ends shall be visually inspected for conformance with 9.10.
* Ends prepared for special couplings 
* Where applicable, pipe shall be furnished with both ends prepared for use with special couplings, with the configuration and dimensions as specified in the purchase order.
* The pipe shall be sufficiently free from indentations, projections and marks for a distance of at least 200 mm (8.0 in) from each pipe end in order to permit proper make-up of the couplings.
Plain ends
* Unless otherwise agreed, the end faces of plain-end pipe with t u 3,2 mm (0.125 in) shall be square cut.
* Unless otherwise agreed, the end faces of plain-end pipe with t > 3,2 mm (0.125 in) shall be
bevelled for welding. Except as allowed by, the angle of the bevel, measured from a line drawn perpendicular to the axis of the pipe, shall be 30° with a tolerance of + 5° , and the width of the root face of the

bevel shall be 1,6 mm (0.063 in), with a tolerance of ± 0,8 mm (0.031 in).
*  If agreed, other bevel preparations may be furnished, for example on the basis of ISO 6761 [7].